Get Clarity to Work—and Find the True North of Your Marketing Spend

You know you need to get your marketing fundamentals in place.

You know you need to educate your team on how to think about learning from your market. 

You know you need to get all the parts working together. 

And you know you're not ready to hire a full-time CMO. 

That's where I can help. 

I work as a on-retainer consultant to give you a CMO "on-demand" for your growing vision-oriented company or organization.

Which of these 15 fundamentals do you currently have in place?

  • Web analytics connected across all web properties, measuring both macro and micro-conversions.
  • Your web analytics includes user interaction measurements, like heat maps and motion tracking to make visible hidden signs of engagement.
  • You understand where your SEO is currently and the highest priority keywords to work on to generate organic traffic from search engines.
  • User surveys that generate actual working insights.
  • A learning process in place for understanding what your market really needs.
  • An effective on-boarding sequence for new adopters / users / customers.
  • Online paid search and display campaigns that show positive Return On Ad Spend.
  • Online paid social campaigns that teach you about what your audience really needs and who they are.  
  • Team understands and knows how to think together about Customer Educational Journeys and how they map onto your content, products and offers.
  • You and your team can apply "Thinking as a Publisher" to identify opportunities to build awareness, trust and action from your audience.
  • You have a free educational mini-course as part of your customer acquisition funnel.
  • You measure key KPIs and team understands how they connect to your goals as a company.
  • Your key story message is in place, and you know that it is the right one from actual results.
  • You have fully developed your cause- or mission-based branding and messaging and your team is fluent in talking about it authentically to your audience, market and investors.
  • You're creating an empathy-oriented company culture, that seeks to understand your company's real value through the eyes of those you serve, beyond your product offer.

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